5-Year Warranty On Retrofit Solutions.
Over 32 Years Experience in Switchgear Retrofit.

Replacing Switchgear Parts Will Not Save Your Personnel
From Electrical Flash Fatalities, Nor Will It Improve The Durability And Performance!

Retrofit is a reliable solution that guarantees full protection from electrical flash fatalities and many other accidents, without the
outrageous costs of having to replace the entire switchgear panel.
At the same time it will provide the trouble-free durability that you would expect from a brand new panel.

Discover how it works and how it fits to your switchgear panel by downloading our comprehensive report
(we will send it to the email address you provide below).
The report includes 3D models of retrofitted switchgear, including your model of switchgear.

Here Is The List Of Switchgear That We Retrofit:

Click the product name to view 3D model

Are You Tired Of Switchgear Malfunctions Or The Risk of Arc Flash Fatality?

This site has been created by a group of Retrofit Service Providers from around the Globe. We are specialists in switchgear retrofitting and have a portfolio of almost one hundred ready-to-supply retrofit solutions for legacy switchgear panels of medium voltage classes.

These retrofit solutions have been designed using non-genuine parts. We have initially refrained from applying parts from OEM or their successors due to many of them no longer existing. Neither original nor updated parts of OEM can provide outstanding performance and value for money. The offered retrofit solutions have been designed to perform 30 000 CO at rated currents, have the possibility for fast trip and reclose functionality and are ready for internal arc-flash relay operations which are the only active personal arc-protection available for these legacy installations.

Based on our profound knowledge of legacy products, these retrofit solutions have been intensively lab and field tested from Saudi to Norway. Please see the Retrofit Application Portfolio. CESI or KEMA product certification assures long lasting and trouble free world acceptance and performance. We value the time of our customers and take immediate actions to support. Our service associates are located in close proximity to our customers enabling prompt customer visits or response in the local language. If you would like to become one of our local partners please feel free to contact us at retrofit@retrofit.expert.

Technical Support Each Retrofit Solution Includes


And Operation Manual


Mounting and Overall
Drawings or 3D models


Wiring Diagrams


Features Notes


Technical Specifications
And List Of Options


VCB Type Test Reports

Customer Care

As a gesture of goodwill and our assurance that the Retrofit Solutions will be put in service easily and smoothly we would like to offer a free trial period for 6 months to our New Customers or our Loyal Customers ordering a new Retrofit Solution. We will retrieve our product if it does not meet your expectations. Optionally, customer training can be provided as well. To assist you during Installation and Start up our Skype Voice Chat will be available during working hours.

Retrofit Application Portfolio

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